How to Survive Moving

Hey Guys!

I’m currently in the process of moving houses and schools (I obviously can’t tell you where) but I thought I’d just talk about my experiences so far. I hope that this helps anyone going through something similar.

Moving is incredibly stressful, our family only had 3 – 4 days to pack our entire house and make sure everything was ready to go. On top of that, my parents are very busy with work, so it’s been one hell or a ride. I am writing this, taking a break from all the drama, right now.

I had to give up my pets and best friends from my old school, this was incredibly hard for me as I have lived in my old house since I was in preschool. I absolutely hated saying goodbye to them, though I did feel very appreciated by them.

I have also been to visit my new house and new school recently, while my new home is a bit smaller, the school is a big upgrade from what I’m used to. So that makes me incredibly nervous, I get a bit anxious around tonnes of strangers, but I’m just gong to try and make some good friends.

I’m going to look for all of the reasons not to be scared or upset. I’m trying to be as positive and optimistic as possible. I also have a new fur baby on the way when we settle in, so she is a massive reason to stay happy.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading this! Do you have any tips of your own for moving or making new friends? Have any experiences that you want to share? if so, please comment them below. Until next time – Ocean Girl ❤

Hello World!

Hello World! I’ve decided to start a blog to share my life with anyone who’s willing to listen. I thought we could make this our own little corner of the internet.

I have also made this an anonymous blog, so none of my info or friend’s names will be posted. Though, that will probably not spare them from any embarrassment.

Thank you for exploring my blog! I know this has been a very brief introduction. If you would like to contact me, just use the “Contact me” bar at the top and shoot me an email. I would love to make some internet friends. Stay tuned for more posts! – Ocean Girl ❤